Wild Olympics 2021 Bill is Dead!

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The Hoh River is already wild and protected. We don't need a Wild and Scenic River Designation that adds layers of restrictions and can be expanded down river on to private property in the future.

W&S Rivers are a warm and fuzzy for the land grab attempts of Wild Olympics, but is a cancer that can spread and effect everyone.

STOP Wild Olympics Bill again in 2022!


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News Alert

Wild Olympics 2022 Bill ~ frustrated supporters of their 10 years of failed attempts, have confirmed they will try and sneak it thru in an Omnibus Bill this spring.

When this collection of pet bills that can't pass on their own, gets dragged together, we are prepared to strip it out again.

A Take Action Alert when it's created, will give you a voice in helping stop this land grab attempt for the 11th time.

Recent News

**Update** Dec 27th ~ I talked to Ken, the owner of this beautiful land, and he wants to rebuild this bridge and stay and thrive on the place he loves. He has plans for the design and some sources to bring it together. However, he will need commercial haul permits from the Park to make it happen and the law states.........they SHALL grant these permits. History has proven different outcomes with various Fed Judges rulings. We want to help him accomplish his desires and we will be meeting with him soon. Thanks for all the support so far and expect it will be needed even more as we progress.

End of an Era......................................


A private landowner inside Olympic National Park on the Quinault has lost their access to their home, as the Park does everything they can to harass the remain few properties to give up and leave.


Our new Foundation, we are forming with our 68 acres of timberlands, is going to help these remaining citizens fight to keep what is rightfully theirs, and flip the scene, and make life miserable for the Park instead. The homeowners will now be on the offense instead of the defense. Look forward to starting to level the playing field and then to our advantage. I have homesteader blood in me as my Mom's family were one of 100 on the Queets before the Park Expansion forced them out.


It's already wild

We don't need to make it wilderness and restrict public access.

It is already wild 2
It is already wild 2

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It is already wild
It is already wild

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It is already wild 2
It is already wild 2

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Working Wild Olympics
STOPPED these Bills:
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Wild Olympics Con-game

Oppose Wild Olympics ~ 250,000 acres of restrictive designations in Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers.

STOP the land grab! ~ Keep the land working for All to enjoy!

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Wild Olympics Con-game


Wild Olympics is currently on it's 6th year of trying to permanently lockup over 250,000 acres of the Olympic Peninsula forest land and rivers in Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Designations. Five times we have successfully defeated these Bills in Congress. We will continue to STOP Wild Olympics land grab attempts and expose the Con-game they try.

Wilderness Designation ~ 126,000+ acres


The most restrictive of all land use designations. Would permanently lock up the forest to all "mechanized uses", anything motorized.......vehicles, chainsaws, bicycles, strollers..... These 126,000 acres of Forest Service Land has 65 miles of existing roads used for public access and they would be blocked, piled and destroyed with the Wild Olympics support. 

Wild & Scenic Rivers ~ 125,000+ acres


Designate 24 rivers Wild & Scenic would restrict the use of the waterways and the land for 1/4 mile on either side of the rivers. Eliminating motorized use to fisherman and recreationers, while limiting foot access by restricting roads and trails within 1/4 mile.

This Con-game destroys public access, not enhancing or creating more as they try and con-vince the public to drink their wild oly kool-aid.

Public Access Matters

First they came for the Loggers, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Logger.

Then they came for the Miners, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Miner.

Then they came for the Anglers, and I did not speak out—

Because I did not fish.


Then they came for the Recreationist, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a camper, mountain-biker or horsemen.


Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.